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Leenders wines are story-wines, telling tales of today, yesterday and long-long ago.

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Leenders Armosyn Rose

Armosyn Rosé

A blend of Mourvèdre, Syrah and Cinsault, this rosé is a true example of a Provencal rosé. Light pink to onion-skin with a nose of rose petals, candy-floss and unripe strawberry.

The palate is dry and crisp, but light and integrated with red berries and rosewater following from the nose. Made to drink now, but will age well for 3-5 years.

The story of Armosyn also dates back to the time of Wijnand Leenders, when Armosyn van de Caeb was tending to the slave lodge (today the site of the Iziko Museum) in Cape Town.

The locally born maiden played a formidable role in the early years at the Cape and became the first emancipated slave woman to acquire land in the region of Constantia by 1701.

To crown it all, her name, Armosyn, means “silk” in the old Dutch. The story of this historic figure, the role she played during the early years at the Cape and her relationship with Wijnand Leenders is why her name was chosen for our elegant rosé.