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Leenders wines are story-wines, telling tales of today, yesterday and long-long ago.

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Leenders Sielverkoper

Sielverkoper Red Blend

Combining meaty Syrah, spicy Mourvèdre, red-berry Carignan and light-hearted Grenache noir, this blend is a true expression of how diverse South African terroir can be.

A deep and dark blend with spicy and earthy notes from Syrah and Mourvèdre. Red berry fruit and soft tannins from Carignan and Grenache noir.

This wine is great to drink now, but will mature gracefully with age.

In the mid-1600’s when Wijnand Leenders boarded the Gulden Tijger in Texel, Holland, he would have had to do so by dealing with a Sielverkoper (literally translating to soul-seller).

Acting as agents for the new ships in the harbour, these Sielverkopers would recruit aspiring sailors by selling them a “siel” (soul in English). This document would entitle them to 50% of their remuneration and the rest would only be paid upon their return from the long journey at sea.

Many of these sailors never returned, some were lost at sea, most perished en route and some married into tribes along the way.

Those who did make it back to Holland were of course to find that their Sielverkoper was no longer there. In effect, they did end up selling their souls…